My work for Global Game Jam 2015

This year I again participated in the Global Game Jam for 2015. I was on a team with two programers and one other artist. We joined dozens of other gamers at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park CA to spend 48 hours building a videogame from scratch while getting hopped up on energy drinks and free snacks. My team’s game is called “Witch Hunt” and it’s a lot cuter than it sounds. The Game Jam page can be viewed here:

Here is the final background I created.

GGJ2015 background

It’s a forest at night. You, a witch, wander the forest looking for other witches to defeat and recruit onto your team. It’s a multi-player fighting game meant to be played online.

Here are most of the individual assets I used to construct the whole background.




As you can see, the background and the assets that make it up are all very dark, since they setting is at night.

Here is an image of the background with one of the witches in it. She was created by the other artist on our team, Jenny Wheat.

GGJ2015cropped background


The Game Jam was a ton of fun. We met lots of other cool people, made new friends, and made a pretty fun game.

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