The NEAR has been published with my cover art!

So a while back I worked on a book cover for a sci-fi murder mystery. The NEAR by L. A. Jones is now available to purchase on Amazon as a paperback and as an e-reader. I read an early draft a long time ago and the book has gone through a lot of changes since the, so I don’t remember much of it. But I definitely enjoyed the first pages that can be read on Amazon. If you like sci-fi give it a go. The e-reader only costs three dollars.

This is the final FINAL cover design.

NEAR cover mock-up


Unfortunately (and this is something I only realized when I looked closely at the images on Amazon) the publishing company chose to totally mess with my layout and typography. Now I may not be a graphic design expert, but in my opinion the changes they made were sloppy and unnecessary. I’m going to try to get them to change it. But we’ll see. I already had to correct them once when they decided to make the title and author name totally opaque by removing my transparency settings. At least they changed that back.


  1. abetterbrian

    Saw this post in a quick tag search and just wanted to say Congratulations! I really dig the cover, and the book itself sounds like a great read. I’m putting it on my “to be read” list!


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