Graphic Design Work

This is a collection of some of the work I did for All About Pins, a company that makes custom lapel pins, keychains, lanyards, etc. I worked for them for about a year and worked on multiple pin projects per day. All told I probably did vector graphics and photoshop mock-ups for hundreds and hundreds of pins, but these are the ones that seemed the best to me.

Some were done from client art that already existed, such as a corporate logo, and some I designed from scratch based on customer suggestions (“I want an alarm clock exploding into a super nova!”). Others were somewhere in the middle, with parts provided by the customer, but not fully designed. Even for pins that used logo art already provided by the customer, ninety-five percent of the time I still had to recreate the logo in vector format. Sometimes I had to tweak customer art – such as the placement, size, or font of text – in order to comply with manufacturing specifications.

Overall I enjoyed the work quite a bit. And my Adobe Illustrator skills increased tremendously by working there.

Here are some of the cooler pins (and a couple patches) I designed, with the standard vector art next to the photoshop-rendered version that the customer received with their proof.

N.Cassaro Portfolio 4

N.Cassaro Portfolio 3

N.Cassaro Portfolio 2

N.Cassaro Portfolio 1

And here are some bonus pages of just the vector art.

bonus 1

bonus 2

bonus 3

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