A collection of minor sewing projects.

Here are a few sewing projects that I’ve done in the past. These are all worn by friends who participate in a live-combat sport called Dagorhir, which is medieval/Tolkien themed. Players fight with swords, shields, spears, bows and arrows, glaives and all other manner of weapons which are made safe with foam padding. Costumes are considered important for any events larger than small practice sessions, so I have been making costumes for a while now.

This brown bocksten-style tunic was the first one I ever made. Although I made some mistakes, it came out pretty sturdy. It has survived almost two years worth of regular wear, plus machine washing and drying.

brown tunicThis green tunic was done at a later date using better and more historically accurate construction techniques.

green  tunic

Here are close-ups of the gusset under the sleeve, the gore that was inserted into the front (inserted the historical way, but using machine stitching) and the facing on the neckline which was pressed and slip stitched down by hand.

green tunic detail 1 green tunic detail 2 green tunic detail 3

Here is my first try at a type of over tunic, done in black linen with white linen trim. All the other garments underneath belong to the man who commissioned the over-tunic. The trim was tricky because it’s actually sewn as a facing and I had to miter the facing together at the corners of the neckline and the bottom front. In other words, there is a facing on the neckline, front edges and bottom hem which is all sewn together in a continuous line. This is not at all historical, by the way, but it was certainly fun to do!

over tunic

Here’s a detail of one of the bottom front corners.

over tunic detail

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