The Results of the 2013 Global Game Jam

My team created a point-and-click 2D adventure game. We called it “Memories.” Unfortunately some of the story elements and mechanics that tied into the theme of “heartbeat” were left by the wayside in the 48 hour scramble to complete the game, but what can you do? The results were still pretty cool and the overall experience was certainly interesting. Our team had only five people: two programmers, two artists (one of them being me) and one sound designer. The other artist, Kevin, lives in Switzerland and he was great to work with. He did the icons for the inventory items, the sprite animations, and assisted me with the background work. I painted the first two backgrounds and assisted on the third, as well as painting the objects that appeared in the scene.

Location 1: The interior of your tent.

GGJ2013 tent interior


Location 2: The campsite outside

GGJ2013 campsite painting


Location 3: The forest. Due to time constraints this background was primarily painted by the other artist Kevin, but to preserve uniformity I provided the composition sketch, the color palette, and several individual elements such as bushes and trees to copy and paste into the scene. He used these and the painting of the campsite to imitate my style.

GGJ2013 forest background


Here is a video of gameplay that our team leader (and programmer) posted to youtube.

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