Hey guys (all… two of you). Guess what? In addition to 2D art I also love to work with clay. Something about working on a potter’s wheel is just really relaxing and fun to me. So I decided to upload some photos of the work I did at the State College of Florida. I took some classes there because their per-credit-hour cost was much lower than that of Ringling and the credits went to my degree anyway! These pieces were all made during that semester, but I’ve worked on the potter’s wheel outside of a school setting several times before. So I got to do something that I already enjoyed and it earned credits for my BFA and at a tenth of the cost of a Ringling course. A triple-whammy of awesome.

Anyway, there are a lot of photos and I don’t want to clog up this one blog post, so I have created another gallery page just for ceramic work.

Here’s a sample:






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