Game art stuff

A while ago I worked on a little video game project with a friend (the same friend that invited me to his team for the Global Game Jam). We called it Project Jupiter (but it didn’t have anything to do with space). It was never finished, but I did do some nifty art assets for it. It was supposed to be a 2D isometric game, so here are some ground tiles I created. More from Project Jupiter later.

various brick tiles


various ground tiles


  1. alex

    Very cool. Can I ask how you went about drawing the tiles? I am starting a similar project but I dont know where to find a grid to draw over. What’s the best looking angle for isometric?


    • Well, there are two ways to do isometric tiles. “True” isometric uses angles of exactly 30 degrees from horizontal. This is what I used for these tiles. I drew my own diamond template in Adobe Illustrator and then I painted over that in Photoshop. However, pixel art uses “isometric” projection where the pixel lines use a neat and regular slope 1:2 for visual reasons (meaning that as the line moves up one pixel, it moves over two pixels), which produces a line that is close to, but not exactly, 30 degrees. This wikipedia page can explain the difference better than I can: What you decide to use for your own art will depend on the constraints of the project.


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