A warm cloak

I wanted to create a very warm cloak to be worn to a particular event. I chose a plain black wool for that purpose. The wool is very warm and amazingly waterproof. I decided to make it mid-calf length so that the hem would not drag in the mud. This cloak was modified from a commercial Simplicity patter.




The wool was quite thick. At the hem I had to carefully stretch and steam iron the fabric to avoid wrinkles and rolling in the hem:



Where the hem met the front opening I carefully mitered the corners to avoid bulk and to create a neat corner. The angled seam was pressed and sewn together by hand with a ladder stitch:



The fabric was so thick that I avoided french seams where possible since they would be too bulky. Where the sleeve meets the cloak body I decided to finish the seam by hand with a blanket stitch:



Even though all the interior seams in this cloak are finished, I feel like it could use a lining. I may add one later.


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